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With Tamara Ghandour

May 16, 2017

Anthony Lambatos is the president of Footers Catering, where they aim to provide awesomeness to their clients’ events. We dig into what it takes to build and grow a business, how to overcome some of the hurdles around implementing new ideas, and how to create a team that focuses on daily improvements that lead to big innovations and a competitive advantage. We also talk about his 80/20 rule and the importance of understanding the J curve.

Key Takeaways:

[2:10] Anthony describes his vision moving forward when he took over the family business. He focuses on creating a great place to work.

[4:06] Focus on the workplace is part of the foundation. It isn’t icing on the cake, it is a crucial part of enhancing productivity. The culture truly is how the team interacts and works with each other.

[6:46] The key elements in building the culture include culture club,which is more than a party planner. They focus on committee fun, relationships, and recognition.

[9:58] It’s all about awesomeness! What does it mean in Anthony’s company?

[15:16] Andrew chimes in on how innovation has infused itself across the organization.  He motivates to activate constant improvement and big bang innovation. Our mission statement is: Love what you do, make it better everyday, and create exceptional experiences for our guests.

[15:56] Get introduced to the MIBE tribe.  Find out how team collaborations help move the awesomeness forward.

[18:14] What benefits happen when you use a cross-functional team?

[19:21] Little improvements every day can advance you to the big bang theory.

[21:00] Anthony shares his advice on creating the culture of innovation. How to get your employees invested in the company. Does the team understand why you’re in business? Why are you doing what you're doing? Are they sharing your vision and mission? You need to implement the feedback from your employees.

[23:14] Tamara shares advice about the black box that turns into the black hole of suggestions. Be willing to implement and provide a feedback loop. The team needs to be heard.

[24:39] Embrace the 80 or 90 percent solution. The idea doesn’t have to perfect to implement it. Start and try to get 80 percent success. Anthony tells about overcoming a hurdle by identifying the major problem and making a few adjustments.

[29:12] How can identifying the J-curve help you to push through and work together to find success? How can the naysayers help with identifying and solving the challenges?

[32:35] Caterers typically have a high turnover rate. Anthony is often called in to help other companies with employee maintenance and culture.

[35:25] Collaboration is the right people getting together at the right time to solve challenges. Effective collaboration is not the same as consensus.

[36:09] It’s not enough to say things once. The team core values and mission statement must be talked about in some way everyday.

[38:37] Footers is a full service catering event. We cater weddings, black tie fundraisers, new product launches. We cook all of our food on site.

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