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With Tamara Ghandour

Sep 17, 2019

Technology is changing and moving extremely rapidly, particularly in the cybersecurity space, so how can you stay ahead of the curve? How do you find the opportunities in the gaps in constantly evolving industry, and create a business in these niches? Kristina Bergman, an expert in cybersecurity, has insights into just these topics.


Kristina Bergman has many years of experience in the technology and cybersecurity space, including as a venture capitalist working with investments in areas such as cloud technology and big data security. Privacy is a big data problem, and several years ago, enterprises were blind to the risk it poses to their business. In the aftermath of Edward Snowden's revelations and the public outcry that followed, Kristina found a niche and laid the foundation to launch Integris Software.


When it comes to managing consumer data, it really is a matter of being communicative and crystal clear about what companies are doing with the data. Kristina explains more about the shift in public opinion that gave rise to GDPR and how that was set to impact companies in terms of compliance because the business and legal side of organizations were completely disconnected from the technology side. She also shares how companies can find the balance between systems, processes, and regulations vs. how consumers want to engage, why asking questions and looking for patterns is critical to innovation, and how she ensures her company isn't falling behind in the face of changing technology. As a bonus, Kristina also reveals her experiences as a woman in the male-dominated VC and technology space and her advice for women in pushing their ideas and themselves forward.


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