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With Tamara Ghandour

Jul 26, 2021

Did you know only 10% of distractions come from your external world? The dings, the pings, the beeps, the pop up messages...only 10%. As Nir Eyal and I talk about, the real distractions come from what he calls internal triggers, or uncomfortable emotions we are trying to avoid. That's why we are busy, but not productive. Why we avoid the heavy lifts and focus our efforts on the easy and comfortable tasks. And as Nir explains, time management is actually pain management. We also talk about the real opposite of distraction, which isn't focus, it's traction. This interview with author, researcher and entrepreneur, Nir Eyal will help you move away from distraction and move towards traction. It will help you stop doing the things that move you away from your goals or who you want to be and towards the things move you towards your goals and the life you want. 

I highly recommend Nir's latest book, Indistractable. This book is so much more than a way to manage your to-do list. It's a way to take back control of your life.  It's helped me be intentional, focused and achieve my big goals. 

Also, if you haven't already go to Nir's website and get the BONUS 80-page workbook that will help you gain back hours of lost productivity. 

If you haven't heard me rave about this already, go get your Passion Planner today! It helps me stay on track, organize my day and my thoughts and it even has space for new ideas and reflection. 

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