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With Tamara Ghandour

May 23, 2017

Dre Baldwin is the world’s only Work On Your Game expert. A 9-year professional basketball player, Dre teaches Mental Toughness, Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline to athletes, entrepreneurs and business professionals. Dre has appeared in national campaigns with Nike, Finishline, Wendy’s, Gatorade, Buick, Wilson Sports, STASH Investments, and DIME magazine. Dre has been blogging since 2005, and started publishing to YouTube in 2006. He has over 5,500 videos published, with daily content going out to his 120,000+ subscribers and being viewed over 40 million times. He has given 3 TED Talks and published 13 books. Dre’s Work On Your Game Podcast is ranked in iTunes Top 100 Education broadcasts. We dig deep into how to stand out in a crowded marketplace, why thinking about your competition means you are already losing and how to tap the power of the 3rd Day Rule.

Key Takeaways:

[3:14] Dre relates how making that first VHS basketball video tape was his golden ticket.  He discusses how the mental game translates in business and everyday life.

[7:35] While at an exposure camp, Dre shares how he discovered that he had to seize the opportunity that would make him stand out in the crowd. He shares the old adage, “Bloom where you are planted.”

[9:53] Tamara believes that to be successful you must possess two key attributes: First, you should be thinking about yourself. Second, you must be accountable to yourself. You must step up to succeed.
[10:34] How can I continue doing the thing I love doing while I make money? This question launched Dre from sports into entrepreneurship.

[15:00] Mental toughness, discipline and confidence are all required to achieve pro status. A professional is someone that goes out and performs, no matter what they are feeling on the inside. This is true in sports and business.

[19:29] How does one achieve mental toughness? Can everyone have it?

[21:59] Innovators always experienced pushback. Dre shares his advice for people to rise above this challenge.

[24:06] Tamara discusses that often we look at innovators and see only success. We don’t see the heartache and sacrifices that have transpired to get to the point of success.

[26:18] Get introduced to the 3rd day rule as Dre shares the analogy of joining the gym. Learn as he compares the amateurs, benchwarmers, and professionals to the business arena. It’s possible for the 3rd day to occur everyday for an entire year!

[30:58] In order to ‘flip the switch,’ and make things happen, Dre believes that you must start the day with a visual map. Define the purpose/goal. Decide what you are willing to give, and ask yourself, who do I need to be as a person?

[36:57] How can one impact the ability to stand out? Create an intersection of two things. What are you good at? Obtain the skill if you don’t have it. What do you give a damn about? Make the intersection and seize the opportunity!


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